When were Hair Straighteners Invented??

first invention of straightener

When were Hair Straighteners Invented? Hair straighteners are a time-saving tool for many women. People have been using them to tame their curly locks since the 1800s, but they were originally invented in 1910 by Marcel Grateau. At first, they were only used to curl hair, not flat iron it.  They first came onto the … Read more

Can You Iron Clothes With a Hair Straightener?

Can You Iron Clothes With a Hair Straightener

Are you more likely to choose an electric or a non-electric garment steamer? If you’ve ever wondered whether using a blow dryer works just as well for this purpose, we’re here to answer that question and tell you some other interesting facts about steamers in general. Electric vs Non-electric Garment Steamers When choosing between an … Read more

Best Temp to Press Rosin With Hair Straightener

Best Temp to Press Rosin With Hair Straightener

You want to make sure you do not go too hot or it will burn your cannabis material and destroy all those precious cannabinoids, terpenes , flavonoids etc… Not to mention most likely cause combustion resulting in inhalation of smoke which can be harmful to your lungs. The golden number I found is 180 degrees … Read more

Do Hair Straighteners Turn Themselves Off?

Best Hair Straighteners that Switch Off Automatically

Do hair straighteners turn themselves off? Yes, they do! Most people don’t realize this because the automatic shut-off function is usually so quick. However, if you set your hair straightener to a high temperature and forget about it for a while, there’s a good chance that you burned out the power button. If your hair … Read more