Best Hair Straighteners Under 100 in 2021

Choosing a hair straightener under $100 does not mean that it is cheap. Now a certain type of plate material like Ceramic, Titanium, etc is available in the market, according to your hair texture within the range of the customers.

To figure out which plate material is best for you, look at your hair type. If you have wavy or thick hair, you may incline toward a titanium flat iron, Titanium moves heat to the hair quicker, which makes it easy to straighten coarse hairs. On the other hand, if you have fine or thin hair, you should search for plates made of ceramic material.

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Top Best Flat Irons Under 100

Here are the top 8 Hair Straightners under $100.

Product Name 

Hair Type

Plate type

Plate Width






Infrared Technology





MCH Heating Technology





Advanced Heat Technology

 410 ° 


Titamium, Ceramic


Innovative Healthy Styling





Heat Distribution Technology





Negative Ions


Frizzy Hair, Thick, Wavy , Curly



SensoCare Technology


  1. CHI Classic Ceramic Hair Straightener under $90

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat...
1,010 Reviews
CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat...
  • The CHI Flat Iron produces an exceptionally high amount of negative...
  • Features a temperature dial for variable heat settings, floating...
  • Ideal for all hair styling, including straightening, smoothing,...

Chi hair straightener company is the most well-known organization, Chi was one of the first to make ceramic flat irons and there are so many people who depend on the plates of chi hair straighteners.

They are made to keep going for quite a long time, come in each size, color and offer a wide range of features. CHI Classic 1.5  inch hair straightener is the best hair straightener under 100.

CHI hair straightener brand contains the latest innovative technology, which combines ceramic with heat distribution which produces a high amount of ions, and far-infrared which eliminates static electricity for absolute styling.

Chi hair straightener is one of the best salon hair straighteners which offers  1.5³ ceramic floating plates for easy gliding. It has a flash quick heating function up to 410°F, Far-infrared infiltrates hairs from the inside out. Its negative ions function adds moisture, eliminates frizz and static electricity elements, and brings shine to your hairs instantly.

NOW you can smooth, curl, straight, spiral, wave, and flip your hairs from this professional flat iron at home very easily.

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  1. Fruiden Hair Straightener Flat Iron Curler 2 in 1 Professional under $60

  • 350„‰ “ 390„‰ for fine hair
  • 390„‰ “ 410„‰ for normal hair
  • 410„‰ “ 450„‰ for coarse hair
Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1,...
2,987 Reviews
Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1,...
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use -- FURIDEN hair straightener with 20 heat...
  • Long-term Gorgeous Shine -- FURIDEN hair straightener keep heating...
  • No Tugging or Snagging -- FURIDEN hair straightener with mirror...

Fruiden hair straightener is the best flat iron under $100 that gives you straight and silky hairs within 15 sec. This professional flat iron is suitable for all types of hair.

It has 1-inch ceramic plates that heat up instantly, but it saves energy and is more durable and long-lasting. It reduces hair straightening time and improves your styling as compared to other conventional flat irons available in the market.

Fruiden flat irons have no issue of snagging moreover its floating plates move according to your styling requirements. Its floating ceramic plates with curved edges remain balanced and continuously alter the angle to refrain from snagging and gives you comfortable control at the time of styling.

The Fruiden hair straightener is also a very good choice for traveling anywhere in the world. Its travels package contains a hair straightener with a flat iron bag, heat-resistant gloves, salon combs, and 2 salon hair clips.

Just plug in your flat iron rotates the switch up to the right temperature. The temperature settings of the flat iron depend on the nature of the hairs. If your hairs are very thick, then higher temperature settings will be applied. divide your hairs into small sections and then applied flat iron on that portion quantity of the section also depends on the thickness. there are different temperature settings for different hair types.

  1. HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat Iron under $80

HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat...
1,454 Reviews
HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat...
  • PROTECT YOUR STRANDS - Because of our fully Adjustable Temperature and...
  • TESTED RELIABILITY - After 20 years on the market, the Classic...
  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE - Our Advanced Heat Technology provides rapid...

If your natural hairs are very complicated about styling, then don’t worry Hai classic Convertable flat iron is the right choice for you. Hai has several years of experience in producing hair care products in the market.

It certifications to ensure your strands with its 1.25-inch plates and movable temperatures. At the point when you get your hands on this expert styling instrument, you won’t remember how difficult your hair is.HAI classic flat iron has an advanced heat technology system that provides you instant recovery for perfect styling

It has a heat setting range from 250° F to 410 ° which makes it the best hair straightener on the market.

  • It provides 250°F “ 300°F for fine hair
  • 300°F “ 380° for colored hair
  • 350°F “ 400° is suitable for human hair extensions.
  • If you have moderate hairs then 350°F “ 410°F heat setting is appropriate for you.
  • If you have coarse hairs then a 410°F heat setting is best for you.

In contrast to different hair straighteners available in the market, it has an iconic blue plate that heats evenly. Subsequently, you will neither experience a hot spot in your hair.

It has a far-infrared function that helps to produce negative ions for moisturizing your hairs, Finally, you got smooth, sleek, and straight hairs. The negative ions also help in smoothening hair cuticles which reduce frizz from your hairs.

It is also very easy to clean its plates, cleaning is very important for the health of your hairs as well as the long life of your tool. Haircare products such as oil accumulate on the plates of the tool affect the life of the tool and damage the plates. Its plates are designed in such a manner that once it cools off you can use a damp cloth to wipe the plates to keep the iron clean.

  • It has a different heat setting for a different type of hairs.
  • Its instant heat recovery system prevents you from heat damage.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It covers the features of ergonomic design which makes it easy to curl and straight your hairs from any angle thus increase the durability of the tool.
  • It has 60 minutes auto shut off function.
  • Most clients complain that it does not heat up faster.
  • If you are a professional hairstylist then this tool is not suitable for you because some customers complained that it does not have a grip on all types of hairs.
  1. NITION Professional Salon Ceramic Titanium Flat Iron for Curling 1 inch Plate, Black under $60

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener...
547 Reviews
NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener...
  • Innovative Healthy Styling:The 5-IN-1 Ceramic coated Heating plate is...
  • Simple One Step Operation without any buttons:the revolutionary design...
  • A High Efficiency Flat iron for Hair:The extra-long heating...

This Upgraded NITION design hair straightener isn’t only a 2-IN-1 hair straightener and hair curler yet, in addition, it is a quality hair styling straightener with innovative healthy styling.

It is the best hair straightener under 100. Its heating plates have five elements:

  • Nano Silver
  • Argan Oil
  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Titanium

Most hair straighteners in the market have probably one or two elements in their plates, but the Nition hair straightener is combined the 5 components together in just one hair straightener. The two elements, nanosilver ion, and Argan oil elements are hardly found in other hair straightener brands. These components will provide an incredible advantage to the hair, helps to secure normal moisture, leaves your hair soft, smooth, shiny, and healthy.

It has ceramic coated plates which reduce the chance of damaging your hairs during styling moreover its tourmaline emits ions which reduce the chance of static electricity. It also has an additional benefit of far infrared light which assists in effective heat distribution.

The Nition professional salon hair straightener offers a minimalist design, function which has no buttons on its body that makes it very easy and simple to use just switch it on and rotate it clockwise for getting maximum temperature for your hairs and then rotate anti-clockwise for reducing heat during styling. It provides you with temperature settings that range from 265 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can easily adjust your desired temperature according to your hair texture.

  • It provides you with 5 in 1 heating plates for healthy hair styling.
  • It is very suitable for damaged hairs.
  • It has C-Sensor function which automatically detects the temperature.
  • It also has an automatic shut off function within 60 sec.
  • It contains metal-ceramic heaters which heat up within 15 seconds.
  • The cord of that flat iron may feel stiff.
  1. LumaBella Cool Mist 1″ Flat Iron with Macadamia Conditioning Treatment

LumaBella Cool Mist 1' Hair Straightener with...
127 Reviews
LumaBella Cool Mist 1" Hair Straightener with...
  • Hydrates: Adds instant and lasting hydration to hair
  • Protects: Locked-in moisture protects hair from damage
  • Softens: Conditions and treats for ultra soft hair

The LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair straighter is depicted as a definitive item for your hair styling needs. Many customers love this product and praise this hair straightener because of its great functionality. 

But, how great is the LumaBella Keratin dual Touch Hair straighter? All things considered, let us jump into that and discover.

Luma Bella flat iron provides the highest quality of heat with minimum damage to your hair. This flat iron contains heat sensor strips that detect excessive heat and automatically adjust the temperature according to your hair texture, thus it can cause less damage to your hairs.

It has 1 inch wide ceramic plates that transform heat uniformly during straightening moreover the plates are manufactured in such a manner that it is very easy to hold and give optimum grip to your hairs from every angle while straightening. It also has five heat-setting functions that range from 300-degree Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luma Bella Keratin touch hair straightener can suitable for various types of hairs with different styling options. Luma Bella Keratin hair straighteners contain many features, its turbo boost feature can boost the conditioner’s heat up to the highest settings just by clicking the single button.

  1. IZUTECH KTX Slim450 Titanium Flat Iron

IZUTECH is a well-known manufacturing company in making hair styling instruments especially in making hair straighteners in the market.

In case if you’re searching for the best hair straightener that you can rely upon to give you the ideal outcome in less time, then this tool is perfect for you. IZUTECH Flat irons are specially designed to get ideal outcomes with just a single pass on each segment of hair, in this way you can save your precious time and cause less danger harming your hairs from heat. It is the best titanium flat iron.

This flat iron is specially designed for straight, thick wavy hairs in one pass. Its broad and dual long 1.25-inch floating plates give you smooth and sleek hairs in a very short time.

The titanium plates of that flat iron heat up within 30 sec moreover the plates are made with friction-free material that makes you sure that you can style your hairs without fear of being pushed. The product holds the features of ergonomic design so you can straighten your hair from any angle comfortably. It also has a digital display function for different heat settings. The maximum temperature of that flat iron is 450-degree Fahrenheit that helps to straight even very difficult hairs with complete perfection.

It contains different heat setting functions according to the type of hair. Its weight is 4.2 ounces, which is very low and makes it comfortable while styling. Izotech flat irons have long and wide plates that straighten your hair in a very short time because you can select the large section of your hair consequently less damage and save time.

The Izutech flat irons are designed to full fill the styling needs of the women with various hair textures with absolute perfection. So, even if you have straight, wavy, or coarse hair, you can utilize the Izutech level irons with incredible perfection.

  • Its micro conditioning function helps in removing frizz from hairs. It contains five heat setting functions.
  • It is suitable for all types of hair.
  • It contains heat sensors that provide complete safety to your hair from heat damage.
  • It has an automatic shut-off function.
  • It contains floating plates that provide an even distribution of heat during hair styling.
  • It does not have a dual voltage function, so It is not suitable for use globally.
  1. Braun ST300 Satin Hair 3 Style and Go Straightener under $70

Braun ST300 Satin Hair 3 Style and Go...
83 Reviews
Braun ST300 Satin Hair 3 Style and Go...
  • With smooth 100% ceramic plates
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds for quick styling
  • Compact and comfortable to use

Braun Satin-Hair 7 straightener with IONTEC is explicitly designed to revamp the shine of your hair while styling. Braun hair straightener activates your style.

  • It has Dual voltage function, thus you can use it anywhere globally.
  • Its long and wide plates are designed in such a way that it can cause less damage of hairs.

  • It contains a feature of ergonomic design.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is not much suitable for thin hairs which use less amount of heat on your hairs.

Gives maximum protection to your hair during styling, and ultimately gives you smooth and shiny hairs. Braun hair straightener is the best hair straightener under 100.

Braun has found that temperatures over 200°C are irreversibly harming the structure of hair at the time of straightening. The IONTEC straightener works with precise temperature control up to 200°C and its excellent ionic function control frizz and fights against static in a sound manner.

This flat iron is called SensoCare which fundamentally means that flat iron has a lot of sensors along with the plates which change temperature according to the surface and type of hair. Likewise, this is, particularly for dye hair. It additionally guarantees that the hair close to the roots will be treated with more heat as compared with the hair tips.

The Braun-Satin Hair 7 has ceramic floating plates so your hair not get pulled at the time of styling. The sides of the plates are rounded adjustable which makes them ideal for making curls. An additional good feature of The flat iron is its tip which is called a cool tip as it has a layer of rubber on it which helps in protecting the fingers from the heat at the time straightening.

There is a button on the straightener that should be pressed and held for a couple of moments to turn on the gadget after connecting it. It additionally requests to set profile. By default, It has 3 distinct profiles. In the profile, you can choose how thick or thin your hair and what is the length of your hair. This data will be utilized by the straighter to naturally adjust the heat settings. There is also a small display that shows a smiling face which indicates whether you are pulling your hair at the right speed or not.

  • It takes 40 sec to get heated. It is very light and perfect for travelling.
  • It gives you three profile options.
  • The temperature is set according to the hair texture and length of this device.
  • It has an automatic shutoff function.
  • It has a 2.7m long swivel cord.
  • Its plates are small in size so it takes a very long time to straighten your hairs, especially if you have long hairs.
  • There is no cap to cover the plates after use and its plates are constantly open.

How to Choose a Best Flat Iron


I expect that this post has been useful for you if you are searching best hair straightener under 100. On a clear note, no single level iron can be proclaimed best because each person has a different hair texture and so different persons desire different features in flat irons according to their hair type

Always check the warranty on the item before you make your purchase. A hundred-dollar hair straightener should accompany, at least two years warranty. You should also read client reviews online to know about potential issues with the product and watch video demos to perceive how it really performs.

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