How to protect your hair from heat

Hair is the most vital and noticeable part of your look which can either enhance or diminish your beauty. Therefore; nowadays everyone gets so conscious of hairstyling on a daily basis. And most of the hairstyling depends on heat-based hairstyling tools e.g. hair straightener, hair curler, hairdryer etc. 

Therefore; here we will be elaborating, how to protect your hair from heat.

We are dividing heat damage prevention into three major Dos and Don’ts list comprise of very simple steps which definitely save your hair from heat.

  1. Steps before heat-based hairstyling
  2. Steps while Styling
  3. Steps after styling

1:Steps before heat styling:

You need to remember that moisture in your hair is the best shield from heat.

Therefore; first of all, make sure that you use good quality products shampoo and conditioners (Deep conditioning is highly recommended here) before going into hairstyling.

Don’t rub your hair with a towel to get them dry instead just rap them softly with a towel or turban and naturally get them dry to lock the moisture.

Steps while Styling

Use good quality thermal protection spray and its important that how you apply it. Try to apply it in chunks of hair.

Using a good quality styling tool is essential because low-quality tools will definitely damage your hair. Choose a known brand for buying any hairstyling tool.

Try to set your tool on the minimum heat option as low as possible. If your hair is thin and normal don’t set your heat styling tool on high temp.

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Do not repeat running your tool on a section of hair instead just pass the tool once or twice and it should be done as repetition will damage your hair.

It is better to use a hair styling tool on dry hair instead of wet hair except for hairdryer which is meant to be drying.

how to protect your hair  from heat

Steps after heat styling

Apply good conditioner and shampoo again when you wash your hair after an event.

It is recommended to use a good quality hair mask once a week if you use a hairstyling tool on a daily basis.

Give a break of a day or two without any exposure to heat-based hairstyling tools, it will help your hair to heal in between if they are damaged.

Oiling is another measure which helps to lock moisture in your hair and nourish them.

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