HSI Professional Glider Reviews (Scam or Genuine?)

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HSI Professional Glider is a great tool that provides a salon-style finish at a very affordable price at home. The excellent feature of that flat iron is its ionic function


HSI Professional Glider Reviews

HSI Professional Glider
HSI Professional Glider
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 4 Piece Set
  • Plates: High-quality ceramic
  • Feature: 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors
  • Temperature setting: 140-450°F
  • Voltage: 110-220 V
  • Swivel cord: 360 degree
  • Warranty: 1 year

HSI Professional Glider Reviews

Following are the specifications of the HSI Professional Flat Iron Glider:

Top Straightener For Frizzy thick Hair

  1. Excellent salon-quality flat irons

The HSI professional glider is provided salon-quality hair tools and hair care instruments to its customers anywhere in the world. All the hair styling products are made intended to use in home and salon, while all the hair care products are manufactured in the USA and these products contain pure Argan Oil and Vitamin A, B, C, and D. HSI hair products are specially made to repair and give smoothness and add shine to your hairs and minimize loss and hair damage.

  1. Designed with high-quality Ceramic Tourmaline ionic flat Iron Plates

HSI PRO hair straightener is designed with high-quality tourmaline infused ceramic plates that produce negative ions that permit small water molecules to penetrate into the hair shaft that reduces frizz and minimize static into the hairs. HSI Professional Glider ceramic tourmaline Ionic flat iron gives you long-lasting results. Its floating plates curl, straight, and flip your hairs in one pass.

  1. Plate material

HSI Professional ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron heating plates are manufactured with highly smooth and conductive ceramic material that reduces hair damage. Pure ceramic material is an excellent source of transmitting evenly distribute heat to hair follicles so you can straight your hairs with HSI professional without any snagging and tugging and Its ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates give more smoothness and shine to your hairs in one pass.

  1. Plate width

It has 1³ inch wide ceramic tourmaline plates that are suitable for any hair length and texture and you can easily flip, curl and straight your hairs even you can also make bangs with that flat iron.

  1. Even-Heat Distribution

HSI Professional contains 8 micro-sensors with micro heat technology that are used to transform heat evenly. Consequently, you can straighten your hair in less time with a salon-style finish. It can also heat up within 60 seconds, so it becomes the first choice of professionals.

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  1. Temperature setting functions

HSI Professional heats up within seconds and gives you a wide range of temperature settings up to 140°F up to 450°F. This wide range of temperature settings eliminates the chance of hair damage during straightening as well as increase hairstyling results. A wide range of temperature settings gives you an option to straight hair such as normal, fine, thick, thin, and natural hairs by adjusting the temperature according to hair texture.

  1. Perfect for travel

HSI Professional Glider is perfect for travel. It contains a dual voltage function of 110/220, so you can use that flat iron anywhere in the world. It also contains a 360° swivel cord to increase flexibility during hair styling. The cord is an extra-long length in order to avoid tangling and damage during the styling process.

  1. Additional accessories

HSI Professional flat iron comes with many accessories such as heat-resistant gloves that are used to protect your hands from heat during hair styling. It also contains one styling guide for hairstyling tips and one travel size Argan oil hair treatment to protect your hair. It also includes one silk travel size case with drawstring closure for easy carrying during traveling.

HSI Professional Glider is perfect for normal, thick, and naturally curly hairs. But it can cause damage to fine and thin hairs, perfectly suitable to Afro hairs.

  1. Best suitable for what type of hair?

 You can flip, curl or straight your hair easily by using the adjustable heat settings function. You can adjust the temperature according to your hair texture and straight, flip and curl any length of hair with one single pass with the salon-style finish.

  1. Top Seller on Amazon.com

HSI Professional straightener is the number one best-selling flat iron in the hair straighteners category on amazon.

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It contains almost 35,472 customer reviews on Amazon and 67% of customers give a 5-star rating to that flat iron while the remaining 13% give it to 4-star rating.

Only 8% of customers give negative ratings to that flat iron and that is understandable because perfect straightening your hairs require proper skills and anyone cannot do it perfectly.

HSI Professional Hair Straightener Glider Reviews

Here are some positive reviews of customers about HSI Professional:

  • Finally salon-quality hair styling at home. The temperature control works impeccably for various hair textures and it leaves hair silky, smooth, and straight.
  • This is the best flat iron I have ever had. It gets hot rapidly, doesn’t smoke, which was a past issue in practically all other flat irons I purchased “ from great brands).
  • My hair is dry and wavy, this flat iron makes it smooth, delicate, and sparkling in just 20 minutes. And, it remains for an entire week.
  • Awesome flat iron, particularly for natural hair young girls. It turned my hair directly to silk and it endured some time. Love this iron! Would prescribe to everybody hoping to purchase a decent flat iron.
  • I have incredibly coarse, thick, wavy, long hair and have tried numerous hair straighteners consistently (counting Chi and other better quality brands) and none of them even approach this one. I have been using that flat iron for three years and it similarly works just like the day I got it. It gives an extraordinary shine to my hair. For somebody who has issues with frizz and coarseness like me, it totally changes the texture of your hair.
  • HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener, with a Glove, Pouch, and Travel Size Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment. I am utilizing this hair straightener for one year and barely got any issues. This is an astounding item for all hair types.
  • I have by and by utilized such a significant number of brands in the past (Panasonic, Revlon) but HSI was the best purchase for my long hair. And the accessories that came with that flat iron included one hand glove, a travel-size bottle of argon hair oil, and a booklet that was likewise included alongside the hair straightener. Typically, other brands don’t give all at such expense.
  • I preferred the packaging it came in. The charming pack is helpful for traveling. I cannot rate the oil as I still can’t utilize it. Moreover, with the heat-resistant glove. The flat iron is decent. I like the design and the knobs are working easily. It warms up quickly and has a green light to show when it’s done. Overall really great product, very simple to utilize.
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Let’s see what customers liked in that flat iron

  • It heats up within 60 seconds.
  • You cannot face any burning smell because of no chance of damage.
  • You can twist, straighten, and curl with that flat iron.
  • As soon as you finish your hair, styling it cool down within seconds.
  • It gives an amazing shine with argan oil that comes as an additional accessory with that flat iron.
  • Very affordable price as compared to other professional flat irons available in the market.
  • It gives you a salon-style finish within an affordable price range.
  • It has a dual voltage function, you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • Best for traveling.

Some negative aspects that users don’t like

  • The only thing that is missing in that flat iron is its automatic shutoff function.
  • It gives only one heat-resistant glove. An extra hand glove means a pair of heat-resistant gloves would be an advantage because during hair styling both hands are affected by heat.

Let’s sum up

After taking the reviews of customers and analyzing them, I come to the point that it is the best flat iron within an affordable range. It gives you quality hair styling without any damage. It can straighten, curl or wave your hairs of any length and texture.

HSI Professional Glider is designed with advanced technology to meet the requirements of international customers. It is an outstanding hair styling tool that finishes your hair styling with a very professional touch. You can trust on HSI brand for a salon-style finish without any damage and within your budget range. Go ahead and buy HSI flat irons for achieving super style hair.

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