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Infrared Hair Straightener vs Ceramic | Which one is Better for you?

I am the owner of a hair salon in Atlanta, GA. My stylists are always looking for new ways to make their clients’ hair look beautiful and healthy. I have been doing some research on infrared flat irons vs ceramic ones and found that both can be really effective for styling your locks – if you know how to use them! This post will tell you what the difference is between these two types of irons, which one is better suited for different hair types, and how to get the most out of whichever type you choose. Make sure you read all the way through – this article has information about care tips, too!

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What are the Benefits of Infrared hair Straightener vs ceramic?

Infrared hair straighteners emit infrared heat that penetrates the cuticle of your hair, making it smoother and shinier. Ceramic straighteners emit negative ions which seal your hair’s cuticles closed to lock in shine, moisture, and even smells! Both types of iron are lightweight and easy to use, so they make great everyday styling tools.

Product No 1
Infrared Hair Straightener
Product No 2
Ceramic Flat iron
Infrared Hair Straightener
Ceramic Flat iron
1 Count (Pack of 1)
1 inch
Temperature Setting
Temperature Setting
Temperature Range
Temperature Range
265°F - 445°F
455˚ F
Heat Setting
Heat Setting
90-second rapid heat up
10 LED Variable Heat setting
Shut off setting
Shut off setting
60-minute auto shut off
60-minute auto shut-off
2-inch wide, ceramic tourmaline floating
1” tourmaline ceramic
Swivel Cord
Swivel Cord
Cord Length
Cord Length
8-Ft extra Long
2 Year
1 Year

Which is better for wavy hair, Infrared or Ceramic?

The best flat iron for wavy hair is definitely a ceramic one. Ceramic straighteners produce negative ions which help seal your cuticles closed to lock in moisture and shine. Using a ceramic flat iron on damp wavy hair helps smooth out waves and the result is shiny, sleek locks that are sure to turn heads!

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Infrared Hair Straightener VS Ceramic

Which is better for your Hair type, infrared or ceramic?

Both infrared and ceramic straighteners work well on all hair types. But if you have very fine hair, ceramic might be the better choice for you because it does not pull your strands as much as an infrared flat iron would. If you have thick or coarse hair which is hard to tame, then an infrared flat iron will probably give your locks a smoother appearance without frying them.

Split ends only happen when the damage from heat cuts too close to the scalp and causes tips of your strands to break off. This usually happens with curling irons and blow dryers (the latter burns through your hair’s cuticles!), but flat irons like ceramic and infrared can cause damaged hair as well. Split ends don’t happen because of a little frizz, but from improper care or heat that’s been applied too often.

So, the key to preventing split ends is to take care of your hair with proper conditioning and use heat sparingly. A ceramic flat iron would be a better choice if you need to use high heat on a daily basis since it will distribute heat more evenly without creating hot spots that burn your strands.

How do you know which one to buy?

You can always splurge for the most expensive ceramic flat iron you can find, but if you’re not picky, there are good low-cost options out there too. One pricey flat iron might have extra features like adjustable heat settings, ionic technology, or a different size plate design, so it’s up to you what’s worth your money.

  • Ceramic VS Infrared

Infrared straighteners are another option that offers less damage than traditional ones since infrared doesn’t emit damaging hot air, making your hair buyable it at retailers like Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. Plus, they do the job just as well as conventional flat irons, giving salon results with fewer frizzes or kinks. Some infrared irons even have a tourmaline plate, which is known to smooth and shine hair.

Ceramic straightening irons are lighter in weight too, so they’re easier to handle. They heat up faster compared to infrared ones though, so you’d need to make sure your hair isn’t wet when you use it.

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Both ceramic and infrared plates help seal in moisture after styling, leaving your hair soft and silky if that’s important for you. Ceramic straighteners may leave the top layer of hair shinier because it tends to be smoother than other materials used in flat irons.

  • Infrared VS Ceramic Vs Regular irons

An infrared hair straightener emits far-infrared heat which penetrates the hair from within.   Far-infrared is better than just plain heat because it doesn’t affect the cuticles, thereby avoiding any chance of damaging your hair .

She says that in addition to making her locks straighter and shinier, this type of iron also has anti-static properties, so if you often get flyaways or frizz, an infrared straightening iron can help with that too.

  • Ceramic VS Regular Irons

Ceramic plates are made out of a substance called tourmaline, which has tons of benefits for your hair when used as curling irons or flat iron plates.

Regular hair irons create a lot of static electricity which attracts dust and other particles that can cause frizz – ceramic plates minimize static, so there’s less chance for flyaways.

Another great thing about these plates is their ability to heat up very quickly, which means you spend less time in the morning trying to get ready with a slow-to-heat appliance.

 Best Infrared Flat Irons

Do they cost a lot of money?

  • Ceramic plates can be made with tourmaline or without, and the ones that don’t cost a lot less than the tourmaline plates (which also come in different grades of quality).
  • But if you’re interested in treating your hair to something fantastic, it’s worth paying extra for those top-of-the-line ceramic straightening irons.
  • At the very least, any ceramic is better than regular iron. Your hair will thank you!
  • Infrared Hair Straightener VS Ceramic Hair Straightener
  • So which one should you choose? There really isn’t much of a difference between infrared heat and traditional heat – both heat at relatively similar rates and use similar techniques to straighten your hair.
  • The reason why one might choose infrared heat is that it penetrates your hair much more thoroughly – which means you’ll have fewer passes over each section of hair, and less time spent using the iron altogether.
  • Infrared Hair Straighteners This type of straightener uses “far infrared” heating technology to straighten your hair without the damaging effects that regular irons put on your tresses.
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What features should I look for in an infrared hair Straightener or Ceramic flat iron?

There are many different models to choose from, which vary in terms of temperature options (the best ones go up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), cord length, wattage, and country of origin.

All of the irons we reviewed come with high heat settings that can be adjusted for your hair type.

To make things more complicated, ceramic plates may not heat up as quickly as standard flat irons because they conduct heat better – but you’ll still get super-smooth results.

Some higher-end infrared straighteners allow you to keep your hands at a safer distance by incorporating an auto-shutoff feature after 30 minutes of use or manually shutting down if left alone for 60 seconds or more. This reduces the risk of burns and other injuries.

Infrared vs Non-Infrared

Is there anything else I should know before buying either one?

If you decide on an infrared straightener, it is worth considering a model with different heat settings.

The higher the wattage, the more quickly your hair will be heated through the plates.

To maximize safety and minimize damage to your hair, look for an iron that has multiple heat settings or one that switches off automatically if left unattended for a certain period of time.

There are also some models out there now which have both ceramic plates as well as infrared technology, allowing you to control how much heat is distributed at what times – giving you all of the benefits without any of the risks!


Infrared flat irons use infrared light waves to distribute natural body-warmed base oils across each strand of hair, gently straightening it without the need to use harsh chemicals.

Products with ceramic plates emit negative ions which seal the outer layer of each strand of hair, strengthening and protecting your style.

They are both great options for those wanting gentle, “healthier” haircare! The only real difference between them is that ceramic irons have a plate coating (which can be either plastic or metal) whereas infrared flat irons do not.