Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Vs GHD

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Vs GHD

There are many different factors that you have to look at when comparing the Cloud 9 Hair Straightener vs. GHD Styler, so let’s take a look. Cloud nine is made with titanium plates that heat up quickly and evenly, straightening your hair in half the time as its competitor. Not only does it provide very … Read more

Is Hair Straightener Good for Hair?

Is Hair Straightener Good for Hair? 3

Hair straighteners are one of the most used hair styling appliances in the world. They are used by both women and men to achieve different looks with their hair, many of which require perfectly flat or smooth hair. However it’s known that heat damages hair over time, but is that really true? A look at … Read more

Hair Straightener Or Curler

Hair Straightener vs Curler - Which Is Better

A hair straightener is an electrical device used to straighten human hair. A hair curler is also a device used on some people’s hair, which uses the heat of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176°C) to curl the hair in various shapes. Although both devices are used for improving looks, there are differences between them. … Read more

Does Hair Straightener Damage Hair?

Does Hair Straightener Damage Hair

Hair straightening is a common practice among women, but without proper precautions, it can cause great damage to hair. It is important to understand that no heat protectant spray will completely stop the heat from breaking down your hair’s protein cells. Even if you don’t feel the extremely high temperatures in your hand when spraying … Read more

Hair Straightener is Good or Bad?

Hair Straightener is Good or Bad

The debate over whether straightening hair is good or bad for you has been going on since the invention of the first hot comb. It’s a heated argument with both sides claiming to be right and there’s no clear answer in sight. So what do we know about this subject? Well, we know that when … Read more

Best Hair Straighteners Under 100 in 2021

best hair straighteners under $100

Choosing a hair straightener under $100 does not mean that it is cheap. Now a certain type of plate material like Ceramic, Titanium, etc is available in the market, according to your hair texture within the range of the customers. To figure out which plate material is best for you, look at your hair type. … Read more