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Remington Vs Philips Hair Straighteners | Which one is Best?

In both cases, these two straighteners have been around for a while and have a strong reputation in the market. They are made from very high-quality materials and will serve you well if you use them correctly.

The first thing that we need to look at when considering which one of these compares better is their price point. The Philips hair straightener has become very popular because of its great price. You can usually get it for half of the cost of a Remington hair straightener, which has caused many people to question whether or not the quality is worth it. On the flip side, some believe that paying less is actually more because the product will be less effective and result in damage to your hair over time. We are going to take you through both sides of this argument here!

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Philips Hair Straighteners Vs Remingtons, Which is Better?

The reviews for these two products are mostly split down the middle when looking at them with an objective lens. When reading reviews from customers who have bought each one, they are largely convinced that their product is superior in all aspects when compared against the other brand. Because of this, it can be hard to tell which brand is actually better, because the reviews are so split.

Product No 1
Remington Hair Straightener
Product No 2
Philips Hair Straightener
Remington Hair Straightener
Philips Hair Straightener
190-210 C
Cord Type
Cord Type
1.5m swivel Cord
1.8m swivel Cord
less Expensive
Expensive but Affordable
Only 1 year
1-2 Years
35mm Plates
25mm Plates
120 V
120 V
Heating Time
Heating Time
30 second
60 seconds
1” Long Ceramic
Professional length
Hair Type
Hair Type

Why Remington Hair Straighteners Are Better Than Philips?

Philips Hair Straighteners Vs Remingtons

There are several reasons that Remington hair straighteners would be better than Philips. For example, you will likely notice that the plates on this brand of flat iron are much thicker than those of Philips. This means that they retain heat for longer and don’t cool down quite as fast during use, allowing you to fix your style with less hassle. The other advantage is that they have far more plates per row, meaning faster styling time overall!

Why Philips Hair Straighteners Are Better Than Remington?

Philips Hair Straighteners

In some situations, people find themselves preferring a Philips hair straightener over a Remington one. This is typical because of the technology that they use. A Philips hair straightener will feature a thin plate with holes in it, which allows for far more even heat distribution over your locks than you would get with Remington. Plus, these plates are usually coated very thinly with ceramic or titanium to keep them safe and lightweight – not only does this make them comfortable to use, but it aids heat retention as well!

Which one should you buy for your needs?

Remington Flat Iron

Why Remington hair straighteners are best for your hair? There is a significant difference between the way in which Remington and Philips design their flat irons, and this means that there can be some notable differences in how effective they are at straightening your locks.

Remington’s flat irons offer even more heat distribution over your locks than you would get with Philips. Plus, these plates are usually coated very thinly with ceramic or titanium to keep them safe and lightweight – not only does this make them comfortable to use, but it aids heat retention as well!

Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener

Philips’ range of straighteners features thicker metal plates that require more work to get through your locks cleanly and speedily than you may expect from a pricier brand. However, there is one huge benefit to this: like the Remington range, the Philips range of straighteners uses far-infrared heat for a quick and easy straightening experience.

Further distinguishing these brands are their additional features. Philips flat irons come with their own smoothing serum and shine-boosting spray to make your look as healthy as possible without much effort on your part (or cost!). Remington flat irons come in a variety of colors, including pink and purple designs that will still provide you with salon-quality results – even if you’re using them at home!

It depends on what type of hair you have and what features you’re looking for. If you want cheap and cheerful, then go with Remington. If you want professional quality and are willing to spend a bit more, then go with Philips.

Pros And Cons of Philips Hair Straighteners and Remington

remington Hair Straighteners

So clearly, there are some benefits to each type of straightener. If you’re a professional stylist and want a top-of-the-range product that’ll really impress your clients, then Philips is worth it – but it comes at a price point! Remington might not be as durable over time, but if you don’t tend to use them every day (or they’re part of your haircare routine), then this mightn’t be such an issue.

The right flat iron choice for you will depend on your personal factors: how often you plan on using it; what kind of hair you have; how much money you’re prepared to spend; and whether or not you want special features like automatic shut off.

  • Remington heats up in 30 seconds and has the best heat settings of all the straighteners we’ve reviewed – there are 19 to choose from!
  • Remington comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
  • Remington most closely matches Cadiveu’s, CHI’s, and Etiqa’s features and results. However, they don’t offer any extra features like automatic shut-off or digital display.
  • Remington is the cheapest brand we looked at: their flat irons cost around $40 less than CHI and Etiqa, they’re $30 cheaper than Cadiveu’s and $5 less than BaBylissPRO’.
  • Remington heat up to 450 degrees and come with a high-tech ceramic finish.
  • They last for years and come at an affordable price point.
  • As they don’t have the highest heat capacity, Remington can take a bit longer to use on thick or curly hair.
  • The right flat iron choice for you will depend on your personal factors: how often you plan on using it; what kind of hair you have; how much money you’re prepared to spend; and whether or not you want special features like automatic shut off.
  • Philips heat up to 230 degrees – perfect if your hair is fragile or thinning/fine in texture, but unlikely to work well for thicker locks.
  • Philips are more expensive than other brands but include a wide range of extras like extra-long swivel cords and a cute travel pouch.
  • Each plate features six holes with protective metal sleeves for faster heating and even heat distribution.
  • Heating up to 220 degrees, CHI is not as hot as some brands (although they do offer the option of using the Turbo heat setting).
  • Narrow plates can create tight curls or waves; those with naturally fine hair may prefer wider plates that will allow them to straighten their strands.
  • Heats up in 40 seconds compared to others which take around 15 minutes.
  • Nano Titanium is great if you want super sleek and shiny hair, but it can be oily on dry locks and difficult to untangle. This type of straightener requires more time and patience than others.

Prices Of Remington And Philips Hair Straighteners

Philips New Hair Straightener

Price is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a product. Price can tell you how good or bad a product is. If something is expensive, it usually means that it has good quality and performance. However, because the price can be an indicator of quality, an item may seem cheap but have excellent features.

Remington is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of hair care appliances, including straighteners and curling irons. The company also produces a full line of hair dryers, clippers, and trimmers. Remington hair straightener prices range from $20 to well over $100 depending on the style.

Manufacturers list retail prices for their products on their websites, but some stores offer even more competitive pricing. Sam’s Club offers members a two-pack of flat iron models for $48 as of 2010. Walgreens carries several different styles on its website ranging in price from about $25-$60 as of 2010. Walmart lists only one model, with a price point of $47, but the retailer offers free shipping on all online orders.

The original price of the Philips hair straightener was $ 280, but the golden rose color which comes out only in 2011, so it is difficult to find any shop that sells this product.

However, you can buy a new one at Amazon for around $ 70 plus free shipping. There are also used products for sale for between 30 and 60 dollars. For example, someone wants to have their golden rose color straightener here is an opportunity to sell their product through classified ads with a starting price of 49 dollars.

The most expensive place I found was overstock where prices ranged from 130-140 euros (around 140 USD) and were sold by third-party sellers and not directly by Philips. The cheapest option was Walmart where they had some models discounted to $ 20.

Benefits To Buying Remington Or Philips

Cons and pons Of remington

Purchasing a hair straightener can be expensive, especially if you are purchasing one of the top brands like Remington or Philips. There is nothing worse than spending all that money on an appliance for your hair and it does not work properly or stops working after only 6 months! This why buying one of these brands will guarantee quality; allowing long-lasting usage with no risk of damage to your hair. However, you should always research thoroughly before making any big purchase like this.

2 main benefits to buying Remington or Philips

Save Money

One major benefit is that buying these straighteners will save you money in the long run because they last longer than most other brands, so there’ll be fewer trips to the salon for styling and you won’t have to replace them as often.

Quality Products

Both brands offer their products with effective and powerful technology that will guarantee great results every time. These appliances are commonly used by salons and hairdressers, so if they trust these brands then so should you!

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