What to Apply Before Using Hair Straightener?

There are many different things that people apply before using a hair straightener. There are also some things to avoid before using one. This article will outline what you should do and not do prior to starting the process of straightening your hair with a flat iron, curling it, or blowing it dry.

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How To Use A Hair Straightener Safely At Home - Stylecrazehttps://www.stylecraze.com › Hair Care › Hair Care Ideas 22-Feb-2021 — Use a hydrating and nourishing shampoo to make your hair soft. Before you apply the flat iron on hair, make sure your hair is dry. Do not use a ... 3 Ways to Straighten Your Hair - wikiHowhttps://www.wikihow.com › ... › Straightening Hair 24 steps 1. Wash and blow-dry your hair. Straightening your hair works best on freshly washed or day-old hair. When washing your hair, tailor your shampoo and ... 2. Apply a heat protection spray. Investing in a good heat protection spray which you apply every time you straighten is one of the best things you can do for ... 3. Divide your hair into sections. Dividing your hair into sections will ensure that you straighten your hair properly, without missing any strands. The ... How To Straighten Hair: 11 Flat Iron Tips for Perfectly Straight ...https://www.teenvogue.com › Beauty › flat iron 08-Nov-2017 — 1. Prep for Straight Hair in the Shower · 2. Rough Dry Your Hair · 3. Use the Right Brush · 4. Wait Until Your Hair is Bone Dry · 5. Use a Thermal ... 10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Straightening Your Hairhttps://stylecaster.com › Beauty › Hair + Nails 19-Sep-2013 — 8. Never use serum beforehand: Hair serum can be great, but not before you flat iron your hair. Think of cooking chicken for dinner. You fry it ... How You Can Use the Best Hair Straightener at Home - Vegahttps://www.vega.co.in › Blog 6 steps 1. First, wash your hair with a shampoo and a mild conditioner. You can blow dry your hair after the wash, or simply let it dry itself. If you have frizzy, thick hair, then use a smoothing and conditioning shampoo. It will help if you opt for volumizing products in case you have fine hair 2. Lightly dry your hair with a towel and proceed to blow-dry it from the roots up to the tips while drying the hair. Comb your hair correctly and detangle it. This is how you must prepare your hair before using the best straightener 3. Once done with detangling, apply a heat protection spray to keep your hair safe from any heat damage. Remember to not spray it on the roots as it can leave the hair greasy Should I use serum before straightening my hair? - Quorahttps://www.quora.com › Should-I-use-serum-before-strai... Yes, a heat protectant spray or oil will help your hair look softer and more frizz-free when used before straightening your hair. It will also help better ... 7 answers · 8 votes: Use of Serum before straightening hair is good to keep hair frizz free. It basically makes your ... 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There are many steps that go into properly caring for your hair. One of those steps is applying products to protect your hair before you style it. Some of these include serums, oils, and heat protectant sprays or creams. These can help give your locks more shine, keep them healthy and smooth out any frizzies so they look sleek after styling them with an appliance like a blow dryer or flat iron! Some other things to avoid before you style your hair can include not sleeping on it wet and over-washing it. Keep reading for more specific advice!

What to Apply Before Using Hair Straightener?

The following are some useful tips Before using the hair straightener:

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1- Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner

Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner every other day, but if possible avoid washing with shampoo on the day before you style your hair. Sometimes natural oils are good for your hair, so try to go with no-poo or co-washing on these days.

  • Avoid sleeping on wet hair

What to Apply Before Using Hair Straightener? 1

If you sleep on your wet hair it could lead to breakage and damage over time. It’s best to let it dry naturally even if that means lying in bed longer! If you must sleep on it through the night give yourself a loose braid or ponytail to keep it together and limit tangles that can happen by knotting up throughout the night. This will allow the majority of the moisture out without causing too much stress to your locks.

  • Apply Heat Protectant

A heat protectant should be applied before using any kind of heat on your hair It might seem like a heavy or sticky leave-in conditioner would do the trick, but what you should really be using is a heat protectant spray.

These sprays are specifically made to help protect your hair from damage when styling it with heated tools such as blow dryers and curling irons. Using one will keep your hair smooth and healthy so that you can style it with ease! After applying it let your hair air-dry for about ten minutes before continuing to style.

2- Apply Heat Protector to the hair Before Using a flat Iron

A hair straightener is the most effective way to tame frizzy hair. It gives a smooth, shiny, and beautiful look in no time without any hassle. you can use it when your hair is wet or dry before blow-drying them with styling your hair’s cuticle layer protects from heat which minimized risks of breaking.

heat protector for hairs

If you have naturally curly hair, using a heat protectant is especially important. this is because most people with curly hair struggle to find a straightener that can tame their locks and keep them looking smooth. In order to do so, you need a product that is designed for protecting your natural texture from the high temperatures of the flat iron.

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one of the most important steps when using straightening tools such as hair straightener or curling iron is to use some kind of protective spray before application sprays protect hair from damage due to heat styling.

Before using a straightening iron, first, you have to apply a layer of thermal protection spray on your hair before applying any heating tool. It helps to prevent split ends and other types of damage the heat may cause. It also reduces the number of times you’ll need to use heat on your strands since it minimizes breakage.

In order not to hurt your precious hair make sure to always use a conditioning mask before flat ironing or curling for at least 20 minutes, then wash it all out with lukewarm water – never hot!

  • Use a nourishing deep conditioner
  • Make sure that your chosen product is designed specifically for use with heat tools. Otherwise, it won’t be protective enough and your hair will suffer the consequences
  • Start with a clean brush: to reduce static, give your hairbrush a wipe before you start – any stray fibers can fly free and stick to hair. This worsens frizz and makes hair look duller
  • Never use hot water directly from the tap as it is too hot for your scalp or strands. Water that’s slightly warmer than room temperature is best
  • Don’t let your shower still wet–dampen your locks instead as this works better at allowing the iron to glide smoothly through tangled ends without snagging them
  • You don’t want a burn-injured scalp, but never touch your skin with the straightener. It causes serious damage to the skin
  • If you are unsure, do a strand test first or consult a professional hairdresser before using any type of flat iron.
  • Cover up after use: always remember to cover your work surface with an old towel or cloth to avoid burning woodwork or surfaces
  • Avoid banging the iron down on the benchtop as this will mean it will overheat and warp- which can cause hair breakage if mishandled
  • Work quickly: avoid spending too long on one section of your hair –especially near roots –as this strain can damage follicles. You should also keep the iron moving, not allowing it to stay in one place for too long.

3- Brush through hair thoroughly before applying heat:

When using a conventional straightener, you need to brush through your hair thoroughly before applying the appliance. If you don’t do this, it can cause the hair to tangle and knot as you’re moving it through your locks.

Be sure to clean your plates: after every use, always wipe the straightener plates with a towel or cloth, as this will prevent any build-up of product that can cause damage if it comes into contact with the iron. If dirt does come into contact with the appliance, be sure to unplug it first before cleaning.

Also, avoid leaving it on its back on a wooden surface as this could lead to overheating and warping – which is irreversible and means you’d need to buy a new one.

  • Don’t Apply heat Directly:

when applying heat indirectly (i.e not from close proximity) never hold the flat iron more than an inch away from the hair. If you want to straighten more than one strand at a time, always place another piece of hair between the plates and hold it with your fingers as close to the root as possible. This method will help reduce any damage done to surrounding strands.

  • Start with dry, Pre-styled:
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we all know damp hair is harder to style than dry, so why bother styling it when you can just let your natural texture do its thing? Hair should be styled as desired before using the flat iron – this will give you a good foundation for creating those beautiful, sleek locks.

All this might seem obvious but some people are so keen to get started they forget these simple steps! For example, what would happen if I wanted to curl my hair? Well, damp hair can be harder to style and you would probably end up with less defined curls. It is therefore always best to style your hair before using the iron.

  • Curls on dry or Damp:

It actually depends on what type of curl you want – tight waves will only come out on dry hair, while loose waves tend to form better on damp hair. If you’re looking for bouncy curls then I recommend letting your tresses air-dry first before attempting styling. This should lead to a lovely loose curl.

Turn on the flat iron, then use a comb to brush out any knots in your hair. Now, divide your hair into sections and place the iron 1/2-inch from where you want to start. Using a small motion, pass the flat iron over each section of hair for about five seconds before moving on to the next section. You should continue until your entire head is done.

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Straighten the bottom layer of your hair first, then work your way up to the top layer of your head. Try not to go over each section of hair more than once. Use a 1-inch round brush to curl the top layer of your hair forward away from your face, then pull it back toward you and secure with a clip that will hold the curl without pinching. Don’t worry if this doesn’t create perfect ringlets.

Use medium-sized sections when straightening one section at a time – this will help prevent tangles or damage near the roots of the head. Always use the lowest heat setting possible on your straightener to prevent over-drying and burning. The best temperature for most hair types is between 330F and 370F (160C and 190C).

Things to Apply before using hair straightener for curly hair?

One thing is very important before using straightener for curly hair. Curly hair or wavy hair need to be treated with special care. A very important thing to remember is that curly hair have a tendency to frizz. So, if you use straightener on such hair then it will make the problem very complex.

To avoid such type of problems you need to apply serum before using straightener for curly hair. This will give your hair an extra shine and smoothness which helps in making your hair frizz-free.

Here are some serums that you can apply before using straightener for curly hair:

·          Argan oil  – this contains Vitamin E & Vitamin A which nourishes the scalp and repairs the damage caused by free radicals. It also prevents breakage of hair strands and dryness which helps in making hair shiny and smooth.

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·          Olive oil  – it contains antioxidants which help in preventing various problems such as split ends, breakage of hair strands and dryness. It helps in hydrating your scalp thus reducing frizz from the roots.

·          Coconut oil  – it has a high level of lauric acid i.e 45% which penetrates deep into the layers of your scalp and nourishes them. This makes your scalp healthy and reduces frizz from the roots to a great extent.

Serums are not only useful but also carry a pleasant smell which is very hard to resist for anyone who uses it even once on their hair; people get addicted to its smell!

·          Hair serum  – it smoothens your hair strands and tangles are reduced to a great extent. It also promotes the growth of new hair. You can choose from various brands available in the market which is best suitable for your type of frizziness.

Avocado oil  is rich in vitamins A, D, E & F which reduce frizz effectively if applied on hair frequently twice or thrice a week.

How to use blow Dryer to straighten hair?

Using a blow dryer to straighten hair is an easy method for straightening curly hair. Blow drying your hair before using other hot styling tools can also protect your hair from the heat of appliances like curling irons and flatirons.

Here is an easy guide on how to straighten curly hair with a hairdryer.

Step 1: Use cold air first

Start with your blow dryer set on cold air only, so you do not burn or frizz your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, set the temperature to the lowest setting possible and use a concentrator attachment on your dryer nozzle. For curly hair, it is best not to completely dry your hair as this will cause frizzing.

Step 2: Remove frizz with a small amount of conditioner

Rub a dime-sized amount of conditioner into your hands and then lightly run your fingers through your hair. This will help to remove any frizz that has formed from the blow-drying process.

Step 3: Start drying

Change the air setting on your hairdryer to hot, but do not hold the dryer too close to your head or it could burn your scalp. While drying you can use your fingers to comb through the hair and lift it up from the roots.

Step 4: Finish with a blast of cold air

Finish drying off your hair by turning on your hairdryer’s cool setting and blowing the air onto your locks one last time. This will seal in shine and smooth any flyaway hairs. If you have a round face, do not straighten the front of your hair as this will widen you face.


Using heat on the hair has many benefits, but it’s important to protect your hair with products that will help fight off damage. Many women use straighteners to give their locks added volume, which is why they’re often seen in styling competitions.

Make sure you read the instructions before using a straightener and always keep in mind that you should always start with dry hair. Once you have straightened your hair, keep it protected by applying products that will help fight off any damage the flat iron may have caused. It’s also important to get the most out of your flat iron by allowing it to heat up before use.

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